See Geometry Wars: Waves from Project Gotham Racing 4

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|09.12.07

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Justin McElroy
September 12th, 2007
As you probably expected, as you fire up your copy of Project Gotham Racing 4, lurking inside will be a new evolution of the Geometry Wars series called Geometry Wars: Waves. This new video offers a sneak peek of what you can expect and as you can see, it's definitely Geometry Wars.

The enemies are obviously acting different (coming at you in waves, appropriately enough), but we don't see much change from the XBLA version other than that. The graphics look a little snazzier, but that could just be out imagination. So, no, it's not going to something you'll pay full price to get your hands on, but it looks like a nice perk if you were planning on picking up PGR 4 anyway.

[Thanks, Jonah]
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