August NPD: Winning at losing

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Okay, so the number of DS (and Wii) systems sold in August was smaller than the number sold in July. That's okay! Everything else sold fewer units this month, too, except the Xbox 360-- and 106,000 fewer of those sold than did DS Lites. As long as everyone did worse than Nintendo, we're still happy, because we're bitter, horrible people!

Thanks, everyone who didn't buy one of the other systems, for making up for the people who didn't buy a DS this month! It's just not as much fun if we're not on the winning team.
  • Nintendo Wii: 403K
  • Nintendo DS: 383K
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 277K
  • Sony PS2: 202K
  • Sony PSP: 151K
  • Sony PS3: 131K
The DS didn't fare as well in software sales this month, with the first DS game on the list (Brain Age 2) coming in at #13. We've provided the top 20 here so you could see some DS games on the list.

1. Madden NFL 08 (Xbox 360)
2. Madden NFL 08 (PlayStation 2)
3. BioShock (Xbox 360)
4. Madden NFL 08 (PlayStation 3)
5. Wii Play (Wii)
6. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
7. Mario Strikers: Charged (Wii)
8. Guitar Hero 2 Bundle (PlayStation 2)
9. Mario Party 8 (Wii)
10. Guitar Hero Encore (PlayStation 2)
11. Madden NFL 08 (Xbox)
12. Madden NFL 08 (Wii)
13. Brain Age 2 (DS)
14. Two Worlds (Xbox 360)
15. Pokemon Diamond (DS)
16. High School Musical: Makin' The Cut (DS)
17. Guitar Hero 2 Bundle (Xbox 360)
18. Madden NFL 08 (PSP)
19. Pokemon Pearl (DS)
20. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (Xbox 360)
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