iPhone Early adopters: Claim your store credit!

Nik Fletcher
N. Fletcher|09.14.07

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Nik Fletcher
September 14th, 2007
iPhone Early adopters: Claim your store credit!
For all the iPhone buyers who waited in line and eagerly snapped up the first round of phones, who are wondering "How on earth, or rather when on earth, will we be able to claim our $100US store credit?" -- you needn't wonder any longer: you can run over to this page on Apple.com and follow the instructions on how to claim it.

The site states "Requests for the $100 credit must be submitted by November 30, 2007. You must activate your iPhone with AT&T prior to submitting your claim," meaning folks who circumvented the iTunes AT&T activation process, perhaps to use their iPhone on another network, would appear to be out of luck when it comes to claiming their store credit.

Update: Commenters point out that if you had your iPhone serviced/replaced, you will need your original serial number to claim your credit. It should be listed on your AppleCare paperwork. Also worthy of note, if you bought your phone between 8/22 and 9/4, you are NOT eligible for the $100 credit... since you are covered under Apple's price protection arrangement, which will refund you the full $200 difference in price, if you place your claim by September 19. You must apply for your $200 refund at the location where you purchased the phone.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

[Via MacRumors]
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