Triops camera reacts to sound, motion, or manual triggers

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
September 17, 2007 11:45 AM
Triops camera reacts to sound, motion, or manual triggers

A finalist in the BraunPrize2007, Franziska Faoro's Triops is a camera equipped with three fisheye lenses designed to take photos at moments you may not expect. It reacts to motion and movement -- so if you throw it in the air, or yell at it, it'll take a snap -- but it also has a manual mode in case you want full control. The idea of Triops is to meld the experience of taking a photo with the photo itself: the end pictures are all 360 degree panoramas, so you'll have to chuck it pretty far to be out of frame. It looks like it's a concept for now, although Franziska has thought to include designs for a dock, viewing screen, and even a simple UI on the device for controlling aspects of the shots. Hopefully this'll make it into production soon.
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