Free Radical reads our diary

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Free Radical reads our diary
Aside from the pages of hearts and unicorns we have drawn in it, our diary talks about TimeSplitters mostly. Seriously, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect was an amazing game that came so close to perfection it was like kissing an angel. When the only issue a game has is its omission of a jump button, well that's a damn good game.

And a damn good franchise. One that Free Radical's David Doak thinks is well-suited for the Wii, as he stated during an interview with Game Informer. Doak explained "I think it's a good thing to do, and I think we want to put it on the Wii. And I'm sure it's possible to do a control scheme that works. Also, if you want to start a petition for remaking Second Sight on the Wii, I'd like to see that as well, because I think that game worked really well, [laughs] because of the manipulation stuff."

So, it isn't a definite "yes, the game is coming," but the possibility is good enough for us.
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