Metal Slug 7, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2 on the way

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Metal Slug 7, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2 on the way
This week's Famitsu contains two SNK mini-megatons, according to the NeoGAFfers liveblogging their readthroughs. First, a sequel to a game that plenty of people think shouldn't have existed in the first place, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan. Maybe this one will be less boring than the original. Or, maybe it'll be exactly like the first one.

The other game is something that people can express their interest in, even outside of the safe anonymity of the Internet: Metal Slug 7. This is the first game in the main series not to be released to arcades, and it's going to be a DS game (Metal Slug 3D was a Japanese PS2 release, and Metal Slug Advance came out on the GBA). It also means that the same system is getting brand new (2D) Contra and Metal Slug games, and is therefore the best system ever for the run & gun game.
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