Hacker's project sends media-filled hard drives to troops

A network engineer going by the hacker handle 'Deviant Ollam' has taken it upon himself to send care packages of a different sort to troops serving overseas, with him ditching the usual goods in favor of hard drives filled with movies, music and other content. That's the basis for his Traveling Terabyte Project, which is apparently still operating on a relatively small scale, although "Ollam" hopes it'll pick up once he gets a website up and running. The hard drives themselves are packed in an appropriately olive-drab Pelican case, which also includes all the necessary USB cables and international power adapters. As the name of the project suggests, the hard drives aren't intended to stay in one place forever, with recipients of them encouraged to add their own files before sending 'em on to another location. For their part, the troops that have received the hard drives so far seem to dig the idea, especially considering that high-speed internet is hard to come by in many of the locations they're stationed.