AT&T to pick up BlackBerry Curve 8310 in red?

Exclusive colors have always been a hit with carriers and customers alike, but for the suits at RIM, dressing up handsets in countless fashionable shades is still a relatively new concept introduced in earnest by the Pearl. T-Mobile snatched up the 8320 variant of the Curve in a color to call its very own -- pale gold -- to go alongside the old standby, titanium. For AT&T, we're hearing the second color (to go with titanium again, of course) will be red. For a device the size of the Curve, a red shell could be quite a standout -- possibly even a bit too much so for a phone that's destined into more than a few corporate pockets. As a personal email powerhouse, though? Yeah, we can see it.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]