Shelves: they're what your games sit on

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JC Fletcher
September 25th, 2007
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Shelves: they're what your games sit on

This isn't strictly Wii-related, except in the sense that Wii games take up space just like any other games. We happen to enjoy talking about gamer culture, and the display of collections is certainly an important component of the gamer lifestyle.

This article from the fantastic retrogaming site Racketboy covers some basic information about choosing shelves for your game collection. For example, magazines are really heavy, so you should look for reinforced shelves! The article covers optimum shelf depth, the issue of doors vs. no doors, and some discussion of where to get shelves.

As we get older and more "grown-up", we're expected to have somewhat presentable living spaces even as we accumulate more game junk. A huge stack of cartridges on top of the TV gets less acceptable with time. We must be considerate of the people living with us who may not want to trip over a pile of Sega CD boxes! Besides, it's much nicer-looking, and safer, to keep everything organized and out of the way.
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