Jericho demo now available

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Jericho demo now available

The demo for Clive Barker's Jericho is now available on PC, Xbox Live and PSN. We've been itching to try this game since it surprised us back at E3. The videos we've seen since then have stayed pretty impressive and gore filled. Doesn't look like Codemasters is going to pull any punches regarding the gore either. Despite yesterday's report about Jericho's non-rating in Germany, Codemasters is sticking to their guns and won't edit the game. The game is rated M in the States.

As for the demo, the first thing anybody who has played The Darkness will notice is the main menu screen looks very, very familiar. It's also worth watching the "Introduction to Jericho" because it gives all the exposition so that the actual demo is pure gameplay -- be warned though, the voiceover guy is incredibly annoying. Although there are seven members of the Jericho squad, you'll only play as three in the demo. Controls are intuitive for anyone that's played an FPS and switching between bodies works really well. The combat takes a little getting used to, but certainly a demo worth checking out.

Update: Updated PSN information.

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