AT&T's "Tilt" Kaiser variation spotted in the wild

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Donald Melanson
September 28, 2007 10:51 AM
AT&T's "Tilt" Kaiser variation spotted in the wild
It looks like that purported first pic of AT&T's version of the HTC Kaiser, dubbed the "Tilt," wasn't entirely on the mark but, as you can see from the shot of the real deal above, it wasn't too far off either. One of the most noticeable changes is a new silver dialpad of questionable taste, which sorta matches the seemingly shinier than usual navigation keys on the face of the device. Also, if you squint hard enough you'll see that there's an option to "Get TeleNav," which means that you won't be getting TomTom, and also likely means that you'll need a data connection to use it. Hit up the read link below for a few more pics courtesy of HowardForums member "jlczl."

Update: It looks like that delay we'd heard about might be for real, at least if retailer Negri Electronics is to be believed. It's now listing the Tilt with an expected in stock date of October 23rd, which is a fair bit later than the September 30th date it was quoting earlier.
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