Samsung's BD-P1400 gets DTS-HD Master Audio support

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|09.28.07

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Samsung's BD-P1400 gets DTS-HD Master Audio support
DST-HDIn the alphabet soup that is the format war, the latest codec to finally come to fruition is DTS-HD MA. Up 'till now a few Blu-ray titles have included DTS-HD MA tracks, but no one's been able to enjoy them until now. Samsung has released a firmware update for the BD-P1400 -- yes already -- that enables this lossless codec to be sent via HDMI 1.3a to an audio/video receiver to be decoded. As exciting is this may be to some, we suspect that this feature will go unnoticed to most people, as the number of receivers out there right now sportin' this feature is really limited.
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