Proof that Halo DS was real (and it's still dead) [update 1]

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JC Fletcher
October 2nd, 2007
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We don't know what's weirder about the ongoing Halo DS story: that somebody decided to cancel what would have been an obvious cash cow for everyone involved, or that IGN's Matt Casamassina has been sitting on screens and video, and only decided to post them when he found out that people were making fun of him on Wikipedia.

That means that keeping his promise to show us stuff "after E3" wasn't enough of a motivator, but ire from anonymous Wikipedia jerks caused him to spring into action. Whatever the reason, we're now a little sad that Halo DS is both real and dead, because it looked like fun. Seriously, it looks like a real Halo game. Kudos to the developers for almost pulling this off.

The one-level demo (Zanzibar) seemed to be pretty complete, with textures, and music, and sound effects, and everything. Unfortunately, Matt cannot reveal the reason that this game was cancelled, nor can he tell us who was working on this, because he has to not tell us something. Check after the break for another video, and hit the link for more vaporous Halo.

[Update: fixed the embedded video; the two videos are different now.]
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