Chibi-Robo encourages reading, smelling

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JC Fletcher
October 3rd, 2007
Chibi-Robo encourages reading, smelling

A GoNintendo reader received this Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol bookmark at school. It has a feature that the DS game can't possibly have: scents. We assume that scratching the adorable-faced flower things releases a delightful floral scent. This is the best scratch-and-sniff game item since the CyberSniff 2000 (which did actually add a smell component to the gameplay of Leisure Suit Larry 7).

It's a little incongruous that Nintendo is putting such energy into promoting this game when they're putting considerably less into making it available. We're in the same predicament with the bookmark as we are with the game: since we're not in school, we can't get our hands on this, much like the lack of nearby Wal-Marts makes it more difficult to purchase the game.
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