Google slams Verizon over 700MHz auction rules

Updated ·1 min read

For something as incredibly boring as the FCC's 700MHz spectrum auction -- look, large corporations battling it out over arcane regulations! -- Google and Verizon have somehow managed to hold our interest. They keep spouting off catty little remarks like the one Google posted on its public policy blog yesterday in response to all the lobbying Verizon's been doing lately. Responding to the big V's claim that open-access rules are met simply because consumers can potentially buy unlocked handsets from non-carrier parties, Google's team shot back that Verizon was ignoring "the realities of the US wireless market," and making arguments that are "simply contrary to what the FCC's new rules actually say." Verizon hasn't said anything in return yet, but we expect them to TP the Googleplex any day now.

[Via GigaOm]