Pogue finds the OLPC XO "absolutely amazing"

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Donald Melanson
October 5th, 2007
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Pogue finds the OLPC XO "absolutely amazing"

With the OLPC Foundation's "Give 1 Get 1" holiday promotion fast approaching, New York Times tech pundit and occasional crooner David Pogue decided to see for himself if the long-hyped XO lives up to its promise, and he's now delivered a full review of the not-quite-$100 laptop. While he recognizes some of the laptop's shortcomings (including a two-minute startup time), those proved to be insignificant compared to the laptop's many benefits, which he says "exhibit breakthrough after breakthrough." Garnering particular notice from Pogue was the XO's sunlight-readable screen, its mesh networking capabilities, and it's long-lasting (and, just as importantly, cheap) battery. He even went so far as to perform a few drop and spill tests on the laptop, which the XO apparently had no trouble withstanding -- check out the video also at the link below to see for yourself.
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