Colorwared Apple stuff (and a gilded iPhone)

Our good friends at Engadget note that Colorware has now included every single new slice of Apple in their lineup, so if you want a brand new iPod Nano in Cotton Candy, Fusion, Cobalt, or Crush, it's yours, baby. Expect to pay through the nose, though-- just one color is over $200, and mix it up any more than that and you'll be racking up the price even further. The reviews we've seen say Colorware does a great job, but just how much are you willing to pay for a Mystique-colored iPod Classic?

And if King Midas (or Bob from Heroes-- good show tonight) has more your touch, Engadget also links to an even pricier color mod for the iPhone. A company named Goldstriker International (sound like a corporation James Bond infiltrates, doesn't it?) is willing to dip your iPhone in 24-carat gold to give it that "I have so much money I'm willing to dip my iPhone in it" effect. Unfortunately the price is listed as "TBA," so you'll have to wait until they list one to tell your butler how much money to get out of the gold-plated wallsafe, but who are we kidding? If you have to ask how much it costs to dip your iPhone in molten gold, you can't afford it.