Fabrik launches SimpleTech Pro drives, online backup service

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.15.07

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Fabrik hit us up with a double dose of news today, so we'll get right to it. First up is the firm's new line of SimpleTech Pro / Duo Pro Drives ($229.99 to $799.99), which are aimed at digital media enthusiasts, prosumers and business users and come equipped with up to 2TB of storage space, eSATA and USB 2.0 connections. Next we're looking at the outfit's Ultimate Backup, which is hailed as "a simple, affordable and secure way to protect your most coveted content both offsite and online." For under five bucks a month, the service provides users with "unlimited capacity to securely store important files and media collections remotely and automatically," and moreover, all files are "encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption while in transit, with an option for a private encryption key, to the company's remote 448-bit Blowfish encrypted servers (in other words, it's secure)." For more details, be sure and give the read links below a gander.

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