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Wii Fanboy Review: Crash of the Titans

David Hinkle
David Hinkle|@davehinkle|October 15, 2007 2:15 PM
For Crash of the Titans, a lot is on the line. It is looked to by some as the title that will bring the franchise back to its roots to bask once again in the glory of the entries of old. And, in a lot of ways, Crash of the Titans does just that. But, as a title on the Wii, it can also be seen as a failure to capitalize on the best aspect the console has to offer: controls.

While it's quite comical when the cursor is changed during cutscenes to funny shapes such as a mustache, allowing you to make a few jokes at the game's characters' expense, none of the game's controls feel suited to the Wii. They don't feel as if they were set with the Wii in mind, lovingly crafted to take advantage of a console feature so rich that it's the very reason for the existence of said console. But, that doesn't mean the controls are flawed, it just means that you aren't getting anything particularly better or special in your choice to play this game on the Wii above its competitors.


The story of Crash of the Titans starts like many games. Good guys are hanging out, having a good time. Bad guy shows up and crashes the party, kidnapping the damsel (who is now in distress, natch). Evil dude hopes to use a substance to turn all of the island's inhabitants into mutants. Player takes over the role of hero. There isn't anything new here and considering it is a Crash Bandicoot game, we're not too phased by it.

Shortly after, you're thrust into the meat and potatoes of the game: platforming and kicking the crap out of your enemies. And, much like your daily shower, it very much becomes a rinse and repeat affair, with some fun sprinkled in for good measure in the form of jacking. Here is where the combat system, and really, the game itself, gets most of its depth.

Oh, why does everything have to be Grand Theft Auto nowadays? Jacking involves beating down select enemies until they're stunned, allowing you to piggy back on them (or, jack them of course), which then lets you employ their specific characteristics for your needs. This is where the most fun can be derived in Crash of the Titans and, at times, makes for a downright great experience.

Crash himself has received quite the overall. He can now utilize a variety of different fighting maneuvers, such as charged attacks and a variety of combos. He can also interact with his environment in new ways, allowing him to run on walls and use Aku Aku as a skateboard/surfboard. And, including the jacking aspect, this ensures that Crash is always active and tasking the player with the job of keeping him moving. It lends a nice pace to the game and promises that the player is never stuck, scratching their head and wondering what to do next.

The game's graphics are a collection of bright palettes and lush, tropical environments. If you've played one of the other 13 games in the Crash Bandicoot series of titles, you'll know what to expect here. There isn't anything groundbreaking in the graphical department, which ensures that you're never pausing from the action to gape at a wonderfully-crafted character or piece of environment. While they aren't bland or lacking in any sort of way, the game's graphics do carry a heavy overtone of satisfactory.

Overall, Crash of the Titans is very much a game you played before, just with better combat. In a lot of ways it's Crash Bandicoot, which is likely to cause many of you to thrust your fists into the air rather violently, quickly followed by inspired screams of "yes!" If it ain't broke, don't fix it, they say. And, we find that Crash of the Titans isn't broke, it's just a Wii port of a good game.

Final score: 7.5/10