Minstrel's Feign Death getting a revamp in Book 11

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|10.16.07

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Dan O'Halloran
October 16th, 2007
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Minstrel's Feign Death getting a revamp in Book 11
Minstrels were thrilled to see the LotRO devs had chosen their class as one of the two getting a revamp in the Book 11 patch currently on the Preview Server. But then one of them noticed that the coveted Feign Death skill had it's cooldown timer doubled in length.

Fortunately, the Turbine devs had something special in mind for the skill. They have removed the resist chance from the skill check. Feign Death will now always work. To compensate for this enormous buff to the skill, they doubled the cooldown timer and made it so it won't drop the Minstrel out of combat. So no rezzing others during combat.

Most players were glad to exchange a longer timer for a no-fail get-out-of-jail-free de-aggro card. Considering the devs are removing one panic button from the Guardian class, it's interesting that they have given another one to the Minstrels.

The devs went on to clarify that while using this skill, Minstrels will be untargettable and invulnerable. It does not, however, shed aggro in a group situation. Someone in the group needs to taunt or aggro the monsters that were beating on the healer or he is going to stay on the top of the hate list when he drops the skill.

However, for solo play, using this skill will cause all monsters will run back to their normal patrol paths and leave the Minstrel alone. In group play, the Minstrel can use this ability as wipe insurance to help the party recover quicker.

It remains to be seen what creative uses the players will make of this skill. I'm willing to bet the rent someone is going to figure out a tactic or two the devs didn't consider.
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