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Apple adds 2 million more iTunes Plus tracks

Apple adds 2 million more iTunes Plus tracks
Nik Fletcher
Nik Fletcher|October 17, 2007 11:20 AM
After much speculation, Apple has finally announced that iTunes Plus is finally expanding - and keen to point out (perhaps to Amazon's chagrin) "The iTunes Plus catalog is now the largest DRM-free catalog in the world." Whilst three major labels are sadly missing in action - how many more hints do they need that DRM-free music might just be popular with their customers? - there is a plethora of independent labels now going DRM-free in addition to EMI such as "Sub Pop, Nettwerk, Beggars Group, IODA, The Orchard and many others."

In addition to the expansion of iTunes Plus, Apple has now officially dropped the price of the DRM-free tracks to the usual 99¢ per song in the US and 79p here in the UK (although there's no word on whether the upgrade pricing of $0.20 a song remains, or what's happening in other international markets).
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