BlackBerry Curve 8310 finds its way to AT&T

We can't say that this one caught us off guard -- you know, considering all the whispers and pictures leading up to today -- but regardless, AT&T is making things official by formally introducing the red (and titanium) BlackBerry Curve 8310 to its network. As you all well know, this piece boasts built-in GPS, a 320 x 240 resolution display, two-megapixel camera, integrated media player, microSD expansion slot, Bluetooth 2.0 and support for A2DP / AVRCP. So, how bad will snatching up a fiery new 8310 (which is on sale now, by the way) hurt your bank account? $199.99 after signing away your cellular soul for two-years and waiting who knows how long for a mail-in rebate to make its way back.