Toshiba brings the Satellite Pro back with the A210 and A200 laptops

We're pretty certain we just saw a new Satellite Pro-branded Toshiba laptop in August, but Toshiba's making some big noise about "re-launching" the label with its new A200 and A210 business lappies, and who are we to spoil a party? The new machines both rock 15.4-inch screens, 120GB disks, dual-layer burners, and XP Pro, with the Santa Rosa-based A200 rocking a 2GHz Intel T7250 Core 2 Duo, X3100 integrated graphics, and 1GB of RAM, and a dual-layer burner for $999, and the AMD-based A210 crunching bits with a 2GHz Turion 64 X2, ATI X1200 graphics, and a more generous 2GB of RAM for $899. No word on when these are shipping, but none of this tech is particularly bleeding-edge, so we'd guess it's going to be soon.

[Via Laptoping, thanks, Danijel]