Mario is having a party, and you're all invited (to a website)

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JC Fletcher
October 19th, 2007
Mario is having a party, and you're all invited (to a website)
The Japanese Mario Party DS site is open, and full of screens, videos and general festiveness. There's some information about the different multiplayer modes of the game, which include Party Modes such as 4-player Battle Royal, 2-on-2 Tag Matches, and duels. All of them are just playing minigames against other people, but it's nice to mix it up however possible.

There are also Minigame Modes, which are different from the Party Modes in some way, and include Free Play, Battle Mode, Score Attack, and more. Extra Modes include Color Territory and Draw and Catch, both of which seem to involve capturing squares on a big board via winning minigames. One thing this website makes clear is that there are a lot of modes. We're happy to see Hudson putting so much effort into keeping this Party fresh.

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