Have you heard of Famista DS?

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|10.23.07

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Have you heard of Famista DS?
Famista DS (Family Stadium) -- not to be confused with Famitsu, the magazine in which Famista DS was first announced -- is the latest entry in a series of baseball titles that go back all the way to the Famicom. The franchise has gone by other names the few times it has popped up in western markets -- RBI Baseball and Super Batter Up.

Developed by Namco Bandai, Famista DS combines retro graphics with modern video game elements (e.g. unlockable uniforms/stadiums, online support, and gratuitous cameos from Namco mascots), while keeping with the simple A+B controls you remember from your NES days. You can view a short commercial and a minute-and-a-half trailer at the movie section of the game's official site.

Famista DS arrives in Japan this November 15th, and while it's possible that Namco Bandai will eventually bring this one to the states, we're not getting our hopes up. Consider it your punishment for not buying enough copies of Rebelstar Tactical Command.
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