Mutant Storm Empire coming to XBLA next week

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|10.23.07

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Justin McElroy
October 23rd, 2007
We admit to always feeling kind of bad for Mutant Storm, the sort-of-pretty-but-not-as-pretty friend to fellow twin-stick shooter Geometry Wars. While GW got squired around town by every game critic on this side of the Mississippi, Mutant Storm was at home, washing her hair and twiddling her twin sticks.

But now, she's evolved with Mutant Storm Empire, an 800-point sequel that's coming to Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday (Oct. 31) according to Eurogamer (and just a year after we first saw it!). She's stitched her rooms together into coherent levels, she's tweaked her weapons and added online co-op. Now it's her turn. You go ahead, girlfriend. You go ahead and shine.
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