iPaq 210 shipping on Friday?

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|10.24.07

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iPaq 210 shipping on Friday?
The last we heard about HP's iPaq 210, all pre-orders had been canceled and HP's product pages had been updated to cheerily say "Coming in 2008!" -- which makes it so very strange that HP's store now lists the business-oriented handheld with an "estimated ship date" of 10/26 and a $50 price bump to $450. We're assuming it's just be a typo like yesterday's SanDisk false alarm, but there's still a chance something's up, especially considering the device was originally supposed to ship on the 8th for $399 -- not exactly easy numbers to screw up.

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Read -- HP store page with 10/26/2007 estimated ship date and $449 price
Read -- HP product info page with "Coming in 2008!"
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