Toshiba says 'no comment' to HD DVD Xbox 360

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Alexander Sliwinski
October 24th, 2007
Toshiba says 'no comment' to HD DVD Xbox 360

Although the rumor started by Smarthouse that a non-Microsoft branded Xbox with built-in HD DVD drive sounds improbable, got UK Toshiba to give a "no comment" on the matter. Despite the headline saying, "Toshiba says no to new Xbox 360 HD DVD rumour," the word "comment" is actually missing between "no" and "to." Which, in essence, means we're actually right back to where we started -- with this rumor still floating out there.

An HD DVD built into the Xbox 360 is always possible, but even by the original rumor's timeline, the thing wouldn't even be announced until late next year. With so much extra stuff built into it and without Microsoft branding, it sounds like a load of crazy talk. Mind you, we're getting used to crazy talk around here, so anything is possible.
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