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Amanda Miller
A. Miller|10.24.07

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Amanda Miller
October 24th, 2007
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First of all, I will point out that I do understand why, from a balance and game mechanics perspective, no class can use every weapon. That being said, when you consider it from an RP angle, it begins to get a bit silly. Perhaps it's not fixable, but it is at least good for a (sometimes bitter) laugh.

So the orc warlock can handle the big sticks, the small pointy sticks, but combine the two and somehow, thar be probs. Sure, if this lock can hold it in one hand, then that's doable. But two? Tiny blood elf pallies can totally handle that monster, but there's something about warlockery that changes even the big orcs into weaklings.

Why can't my holy pally hold a dagger? Come on, I promise, she won't even use it; just leech all its stats. I guess pallies just aren't subtle. At all. Attempts to teach stabby stabby by the great gurus resulted in furrowed brows, a few injuries, and several panic attacks. They're going to stick with the elaborate swinging motions, thank ya. On that note, why can't she hold a staff? Pointy staff, no problem. But stickz = idk.
Then there is the drood inability to wield swords. They can channel the powers of nature, shapeshift into formidable beasts, and even harness moon and star energy to zap an opponent into oblivion; but long pointy sticks? Perhaps the elders simply felt that swords were detrimental to the drood granola-halo image. Or, one-too-many accidents while shifting into lolbare and they were all issued pocket knives and dull sticks.

Then there are hunters. We're just too sophisticated to bash stuff with a big club; and you all just be jealous.

What is it that bothers you about your class' weapon abilities (or your rival class' for that matter)? Do you accept Blizz's logic unwaveringly, or is there that nagging little bit that haunts your dreams while napping between raids?
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