Ignition takes on zombie genre for Nintendo DS

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|10.25.07

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Ignition takes on zombie genre for Nintendo DS
With Ignition Entertainment's Banbury development studio, best known for the Mercury series of puzzlers, now in the hands of UK developer Rebellion, Ignition has begun to look elsewhere for its next great property, and while its latest announced project may not end up being a winner, we certainly have to give it props for its mouthful of a title -- Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys!

Currently in development for the Nintendo DS and expected to ship in North America and Europe next Spring, Teenage Zombies already has us chuckling at its absurd plot, which sees aliens capturing the human race using mind control, but then succumbing to the zombie "super race," which has of course has little to no mind to bend to their will. The game follows a trio of teen zombies who rise from their graves and begin to munch on the aliens and their 'pulsating pink brains,' before finally settling down for lunch on the alien leader, the 'Big Brain.'

While few specifics have been revealed about the game so far, Ignition describes Teenage Zombies as featuring a "whimsical style" that parodies 50s style sci-fi and the zombie genre using comic book-style story panels. This, of course, makes us think back to Artificial's Monster Madness, which was a disaster, though we remain hopeful, if for no other reason than this game's promise of letting us be not one zombie, but three.
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