Mitac reportedly planning a low-cost PC of its own

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Donald Melanson
October 25th, 2007
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Mitac reportedly planning a low-cost PC of its own
Details are pretty light on this one, but according to DigiTimes, Mitac is teaming up with MIND (we're assuming the embedded Linux firm) to enter the low-cost PC market, a move that some are speculating could have repercussions for the OLPC Foundation. Apparently, one of the key factors pushing Mitac in this direction is Asus's recently launched Eee PC, which would seem to suggest that it's a laptop Mitac has in mind, although that hasn't yet been made entirely clear. OLPC gets roped into the mix because Mitac is apparently aiming the PC at children aged 3-12, which "some notebook makers" are speculating could cause OLPC to "rethink its strategy" about only targeting emerging markets. All of this is obviously still in the early stages, however, so we doubt that OLPC is losing too much sleep over it just yet.

[Via TG Daily]
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