More polls on the WoW forums

John Himes
J. Himes|10.29.07

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More polls on the WoW forums
The first poll on the official WoW forums was mentioned on WoW Insider when it was posted a few weeks ago, but since then a few more polls have been created. While one of them is obviously just for fun, the other two are more interesting.

When asked "What is your favorite arena?" the Ring of Trials in Nagrand won out as everyone's favorite with 46.3% of the votes. The Ruins of Lordaeron received second place with a tally of 25.14% of the votes. While I didn't vote in this particular poll, my choices would have matched these results.

Admittedly, I'm pretty much a noob to the arena. Like many other players, I mostly just get my ten matches a week to scrape up enough points for some welfare epics. Probably due to this fact, I dislike the Blade's Edge arena. The ramps, pillars, ropes and bridge create a lot of variables during an already hectic fight which can lead to panic, confusion and ultimately an inglorious defeat. Even more inglorious than normal, that is. Also, this arena in particular makes it more difficult for stealthy types (my 2v2 team is composed of a rogue and druid) to get the drop on their foes because the narrow catwalk makes a convenient place for an opposing team to make a stand with their AoE and stealth detection. What are your thoughts on the poll? Do they match the results?

The other poll is currently active (until this Tuesday) and asks "Hardest Karazhan encounter?" After subduing the temptation to vote for the Chess Event, I logged my opinion for a few other bosses and checked out the results. Currently, Prince Malchezaar is winning out with Nightbane in second place. While the Prince can certainly be a frustrating encounter, most of the difficulty stems from the randomness involved in the placement of the infernals that drop from the sky. Personally, I would vote for Nightbane as the most difficult encounter, especially when considered from a standpoint of learning the strategy to defeat him. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Note: The polling information above was taken from the US forums. The forums from other regions may have different results.
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