Breakfast topic: Are you going to read the WoW comic?

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|10.30.07

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Breakfast topic: Are you going to read the WoW comic?

Among many other fine personality traits, my boyfriend happens to run a comic book store. As such, he's gotten a lot of phone calls recently about the World of Warcraft comic book that's coming out next month. The success of the Halo comic has led him to order extra copies of the WoW book, but he's uncertain about how well it will do.

The comic definitely appeals to a niche audience, and a lot of players aren't too interested in lore, so those are factors working against it. But the book also has some top-notch writers, and no one ever went broke counting on WoW players to be kind of crazy about WoW-related stuff. This could mean a lot of walk-ins from WoW players on the street desperate for more stories from their favorite game.

I'm definitely going to check it out -- it'll make a great Know Your Lore, and I'm a hopeless WoW addict anyway. Plus, one of the dudes in the book is using a Thunderfury! How cool is that? Are you planning to read the comic book when it comes out? Why or why not?

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