Fujitsu opens islands in Second Life

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|11.02.07

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Fujitsu opens islands in Second Life

Japanese IT and Communications giant Fujitsu yesterday opened three islands in the virtual world of Second Life, to interact with customers, evaluate virtual worlds as a tool, promote their brands and host experimental projects. The islands opened on 2 November at 6PM (Japan Standard Time).

The three islands are Fujitsu, featuring company information, history, services and general activities; Fujitsu 2, exhibition spaces, attractions and collaborative projects; Fujitsu 3, results of collaborative research on brain functions undertaken with Riken and Japan Shogi Association, exhibition space on shogi history, a shogi game hall, and more.

The island is the work of Japanese Metaverse developer Meltingdots, and while the bulk of material is in Japanese there are tidbits for English speakers as well.

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