Massively's Massive Giveaways Day 3: Old skool

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|11.04.07

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O hai, have you come back for free stuff? We've been expecting you! Today's theme is a salute to the classic MMOs of the past. How many folks here played UO back in the day (how many do still?)? Where my DAoC vets at? Even EQ is still kicking. In honor of a wide variety of titles, our prizes today are something that can help you be more ergonomic in all of them: two Belkin Nostromo N52 SpeedPads. Want to win one? Leave a comment in this thread by 10am EST Monday morning November 5. You need to be 18 and live in the US to enter (official rules!). We'll choose one random winner from the comments of this post, and tune in later today for another chance to win an N52 gamepad!
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