Local TV visits SOE San Diego

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.05.07

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Local TV visits SOE San Diego
Scott Hartsman posted a link to local San Diego TV station KUSI, who invaded the SOE studios there for a "special report" about the people who make these things called Massively Multiplayer Online games. As mainstream news reports about our favorite pasttime go, it's actually not too bad, though there are a few chuckle-worthy moments-- apparently saying Dad "wasn't too happy" turns into his "outright horror" on local news, and is it just me or did anyone else have the thought that Sasha Foo is probably the most attractive person to ever enter the SOE game testing room? I kid, I kid!

But otherwise, it's a pretty solid report on what it's like making MMOs at SOE. If you're an artist, you can probably drool over that paintbox they're using, and there are also shots of Everquest 2 in wireframe, the making of casting animations, a look at some concept art for Rise of Kunark and a few other games and even some news about a new MMO aimed at a younger audience due out next year called Free Realms. Even if you watch it with the sound turned off, it's a cool look inside SOE studios and what it's like to work there.
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