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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney gets 'early 2008' release

Jason Dobson
Jason Dobson|November 9, 2007 5:25 PM

We openly admit that naming your child Apollo Justice borders on cruelty and severely limits his choice of career path to either a lawyer or a cast member on a remake of American Gladiators. Thankfully, however, Capcom has subscribed to the former, with the appropriately named upstart attorney Justice taking center stage in what the math eggheads upstairs tell us is the fourth game in the Ace Attorney franchise, which will make its way to North America sometime in "early 2008" according to Capcom.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney marks a departure from previous games by abandoning Phoenix Wright, the ace attorney we have grown to know and love. Additionally, Capcom notes that the game, which has apparently been selling like hotcakes in Japan, is the first to be designed specifically for the Nintendo DS, the previous three titles originally having been released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan before getting their touchable courtroom makeovers. The game will come with a host of new characters and cases, and despite missing Phoenix (as the main character, anyway), we know we'll be yelling "Objection!" and "Hold it!" the whole time, usually to the ire of those sitting next to us on the bus.