DataWind's PocketSurfer 2 rumored to be coming to T-Mobile

We haven't heard much about DataWind's PocketSurfer 2 lately, but it looks like MobilePlanet may have gotten a bit more information on a possible release for the device, as its now has the handheld up for pre-order for $310. What's more, the site also says that a T-Mobile data plan is required for the device to function but, unlike the free GPRS for a year plan in the UK (up to 20 hours a month), those in the US will apparently have to drop $30 per month to get their web browsing done on the device. For those yet to be acquainted with the the device, be sure to check out Pocketables at the link below for a couple of better pics of it than we've seen before, and hit up the read link if you want to take a chance with that pre-order.
[Via Pocketables]