Cinemassively: Video blogging as a form of expression

Moo Money
M. Money|11.11.07

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I know what you're thinking. This isn't Machinima! That's the beauty of vlogging, though. It could be. Vlogging, short for video blogging, is just that; a spoken blog entry recorded on film. It might consist of words on your screen, footage of your real life typist, Machinima of your avatar, or all three. It's also not limited to any platform, either. You could even vlog in WoW or LotRO.

Michael Verdi, previously mentioned on Cinemassively for his Coca Cola Virtual Thirst video in Second Life, is best known for his vlogging site, freevlog. He is also an author of a book on vlogging, Secrets of Videoblogging. In this video, he uses all three methods discussed to showcase what goes on in his work with Millions of Us, a development company in SL and other worlds.

I'll admit that the main reason I can't stop watching the video is the background music, created by Bart Cheever, VP of Production at MoU. However, it's also nice to see how surprisingly normal they all look. We see them chatting about business, bouncing around ideas, goofing off, and wearing their signature jumpsuits. While I'm sure their creative process isn't all fun and games, this gives us a glimpse of their routine. How do you choose to express yourself?
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