Game designer talks rebalancing Street Fighter 2 HD

Scott Jon Siegel
S. Siegel|11.12.07

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Game designer talks rebalancing Street Fighter 2 HD

David Sirlin knows fighting games. So when Capcom tapped him to re-balance Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and make it better than the original, they were putting the game's untarnished reputation into just the right hands.

Sirlin proves his worth in the first of a series of articles on rebalancing Super Turbo HD, revealing new details about the latest Street Fighter II sequel while discussing important decisions made to improve upon the game. Through it all, Sirlin emphasizes the need to retain and improve upon both the feel and the tournament-worthy status of what he considers to be the best in the series.

In short, Sirlin discusses how he aims to make the game more approachable to a larger audience, while rebalancing each fighter to ensure that the title is perfected for tournament play. Purists need not worry: the HD remix will allow gamers to choose to play an unaltered, arcade-perfect version of the original Super Street Fighter II Turbo, which uses the enhanced graphics and sounds but includes none of the rebalancing. The article's a good read for aspiring game designers, Street Fighter fanatics, or just fans of fighting games in general.

[Via GameSetWatch]
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