NTT DoCoMo's Winter 2007 lineup: the 905i series

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.12.07

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NTT DoCoMo's Winter 2007 lineup: the 905i series

We started with the weaklings in NTT DoCoMo's latest round (and we use that term very loosely), so now it's time for the powerhouses. The 905i range is loosely bound by a general rule thrown down by the carrier: 3 inch wide VGA display, minimum (with one exception, and even that model still puts up WVGA resolution). That's the kind of rule we can definitely live with. Follow the break for the full breakdown.

Mitsubishi D905i
Now we're starting to dive into the upper-crust 905i series, and with the boost in model number, we get a nice little boost in specs, too. The D905i slider features a 3.2 megapixel camera, one-seg TV, and a curious feature that somehow intelligently picks out "highlights" in shows by analyzing volume. This long-rumored baddie should be launching by the end of the month in black, white, gold, and yellow.

Fujitsu F905i
The top of the clamshell's a little ugly on this one, but there's a great reason for it: a pivoting 3.2 inch display boasting WVGA resolution just as we'd heard. Whatdya gonna do with that kind of resolution, anyway? Watch one-seg, of course, while everyone around you feasts their eyes on the glossy black, white, magenta, or blue shell. Look for it in the next few weeks.

NEC N905i
If blinding passers-by isn't a concern for you, we might recommend the N905i in this particular red setup. The wild color doesn't really even make the list of hightlights, though -- it's the 5.2 megapixel autofocus cam with image stabilization that really steals the show. A 3 inch WVGA display and one-seg tuner make the cut, too, so if you're unable to entertain yourself while in the possession of a N905i, there's something seriously wrong with you. It'll hit in black, white, pink, and red by the end of this month.

Panasonic P905i
One of the hallmarks of the 905i series is a WVGA display measuring at least 3 inches diagonally (in case you haven't noticed that trend yet); the P905i is certainly no exception, and the dual pivot action here makes for more versatile enjoyment of those glorious 854 by 480 pixels. Of course, a 5.1 megapixel cam doesn't hurt, either, if you can bear to take the phone out of teevee mode long enough to snap a shot or two. Grab the P905i in black, white, pink gold, and red toward the end of the month.

Sharp SH905i
Dolby sound in a freakin' phone? Seriously? Don't get us wrong, we're happy to try it -- just send one our way, Sharp. The display just barely makes the 905i cut at an even 3 inches and the 3.2 megapixel cam's a little on the light side, but hey -- all's forgiven if this thing can produce realistic surround sound. It'll be available in white, black, pink, and blue before the month is out.

Sony Ericsson SO905i
Like its cousin in the 705i range, the SO905i doesn't look like it shares a single segment of DNA with its European cousins, but again: with a 3 inch Bravia-branded WVGA display on board, is anyone really complaining? Bravia isn't the only Sony brand evoked here, either; the Walkman label theoretically suggests that this one should make for a decent musicphone, too. It's available in February in your choice of black, white, red, and beige.

NEC N905iµ
The "µ" label on an NTT DoCoMo phone means that the emphasis is on keeping size and weight to a minimum, and considering that this one still offers a 3 inch WVGA screen in a 12.9mm shell, we're more than happy to forgive the 2 megapixel camera. It should be available this month in black, white, red, and gold.

Sony Ericsson SO905iCS
Now this one reminds us a little more of Sony Ericsson's European offerings. The SO905iCS trades Bravia branding for Cyber-shot branding on account of its 5.1 megapixel autofocus cam with "high-precision" LED flash and face detection. The display's actually a little subpar for a 905i -- 2.7 inches -- but it's still WVGA, so we'll let it slide. Find it in the first couple months of next year in silver, pink, and white.

Panasonic VIERA P905iTV
Is it a TV or is it a phone? Well, it's a phone -- a slider, to be exact -- but the emphasis is obviously on its one-seg capability on account of its enormous 3.5 inch WVGA display. It even comes with a stand that features integrated speakers to bring a little added realism to the "I'm going to pretend my phone is an actual television" experience. It'll be available in black or white, but there's a little bit of a wait on this one with a launch expected some time between February and March of next year.

Sharp SH905iTV
Not to be outdone by Panasonic, Sharp takes its own shot at the TV-centric title with the SH905iTV flip. For folks wanting the maximal one-seg experience in a dual-pivot flip form factor, this one's obviously the way to go -- but its 3.2 inch display falls short of the P905iTV's, so despite the AQUOS branding here, the Panasonic seems like the ultimate winner.
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