Massively Sarnak starter quest guide

William Dobson
W. Dobson|11.13.07

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Massively Sarnak starter quest guide

Let's face it. At some point after EverQuest II receives its Rise of Kunark expansion, you'll be making a Sarnak. Sure, you may not stick with it, or even take it very far at all, but you'll want to at least see what they're like and check out their newbie area. With that in mind, we present to you this sneak peek at beginning life as a Sarnak, including a detailed walk-through of the quests, and the characters and monsters found in this first snippet of Kunark. Whether you want to use the guide to blast through the early quests, or simply check out some screenshots in our quest-guide gallery, click on through for more.


After finishing character creation, you will be treated to an aerial fly-through of some of the landscapes surrounding the Sarnak starting area. The camera will eventually find its way down to your character, and you're ready to begin. The first thing you should do is to have a chat to Tykor Gi'Lok, standing next to you. It turns out that he needs some help hunting down some avian spirocs of the Haoaeran tribe.

The Haoaerans have been sending their poachers to kill all the crabs on the beaches. Seeing as these crabs are a primary food source for the Sarnaks, this immediately becomes your concern.

The poachers you are required to kill are found on the beach just in front of you. Kill a few of them, run back to Tykor, and hand in the quest. You should be level 2 after this, and Tykor will ask for further assistance.

Quest NPC: Tykor Gi'Lok
Quest: Curious Ore
Tykor has been noticing the Haoaerans mining a lot of ore as of late, and wants you to help him investigate. He would like you to collect three samples of this ore, to try and determine what they are getting their feathers in a fluff about.

Before you head off on this quest, notice in the structure next to Tykor that another NPC now offers you a quest. Go and talk to him as well.

Quest NPC: Taroche Dry'Zok
Quest: Stuffed Gorger Claws
Taroche needs you to collect some claws from the gorger crabs in nearby waters, to prepare meals.

Grab this quest, and then head west through the shallow water and along the rock wall. You will soon come across some Haoaerans mining "curious ore". These ones will agro you when you get close, so you'll need to take them out to harvest the ore. Get three samples, and then go back through the water.

On the way back, take a look to the left and you should see some gorgers in the water. Kill a couple of these for the gorger claws you need, and then return to the NPCs to hand in your quests. You will receive lead-ons from both of them. Also, Tykor will reward you with an extra bag, which is handy at these low levels.

Quest NPC: Tykor Gi'Lok
Quest: Report to the Primary
The ore you retrieved for Tykor is fairly suspicious, so he asks you to visit the Primary, who is the leader of Chrykori Village. Just accept this quest for now, because we will want to do Taroche's lead-on first.

Quest NPC: Taroche Dry'Zok
Quest: Delivery to a Veteran
Taroche asks you to deliver some bait to one of the veteran fisherman.

You should be level 3 after handing in these last quests. Have a look out to the east, and you should spy a fisherman across the water on a rocky island. Go across to him and hand in your bait for the quest you have, and he will offer you some more work.

Quest NPC: Citizen Niba'Ouz
Quest: Fish of the Chrykori Isle
Niba'Ouz wants you to help fish up some chrykori saltfin.

This is an introduction to fishing, which involves clicking on fish nodes in the water. Have a look in the surrounding waters for "school of saltfin" nodes, and collect 3 fish for him. After giving him these, he will give you a lead-on quest.

Quest NPC: Citizen Niba'Ouz
Quest: Bigger Fish to Fry
This time, Niba'Ouz wants you to catch a bull saltfin.

The bull saltfin is found at the same nodes as the other fish, but you may need to try a few nodes before you find one. After you do, hand it in, and you should be done with this quest line. Go back across the water to the mainland. While you're here, have a quick look behind Taroche's structure for a collectable "?" spawn. These will net you collectable items that, when a set is completed, can be handed in for experience and rewards. There are a few regular spawn points in the starting area for these, and this is one of them.

You should now be level 4, and ready to visit Chrykori Village and the Primary. If you look to the north, you will see a rise with Sarnak structures on it. Head that way and up the rise, and you'll find yourself in the village. Go talk to the Primary for your previous quest, and get a new quest from him. There should be two other quests you can pick up as well. Get them all, because we're going to knock out all three at once. Also located here is an NPC with information about collections, and a collector to hand things in to when you finish a set.

There is an excavation site that the Haoaeran have been gathering something at, and the Primary wants you to crash the party.

Quest NPC: Civ-Parser Di'Xin
Quest: Chrykori Relics
Di'Xin would like you to collect some relics that have washed up on the beaches.

Quest NPC: Varkori Riz'Lul
Quest: Hopefully the Meat Isn't Timeworn
The village chef Varkori needs some briny lizard meat, found on lizards in the Timeworn Pools.

Once you have all these quests, go down the rise and and head west. As you're walking along the beaches, you will notice the relics that you are required to collect for Di'Xin. Grab six of these and keep going. Heading over the hills you will arrive at the excavation site. You'll need to kill four of the haoaerans here, and pick up some excavated debris. The excavators won't fight you, but watch out for the taskers which are aggressive.

After you've finished up in the cave, travel south and you'll discover the Timeworn Pools, with some lizards wading in the water. These are where you will get your briny meat for Varkori. Kill four of them, and then you're ready to go back to the village and hand these three quests in. You'll likely be level 5 by this point.

Back at the village, there will be a lead-on quest from each NPC you just helped, and one new one as well.

Quest NPC: Varkori Riz'Lul
Quest: Sandy Eggs
Varkori now needs some tortoise eggs collected.

Quest NPC: Civ-Parser Di'Xin
Quest: The Ends Justify the Means
The Haoaerans are in possession of some of the Chrykori relics, and are now located at the Timeworn Pools.

Quest NPC: Primary Conzuk Zum'Ha
Quest: Disrupting Haoaeran Rituals
It turns out that the debris brought back came from shattered ceremonial pots, which suggest that the Haoaerans are conducting some sort of ritual. The Primary wants you to go and stop whatever it is they're trying to do.

Quest NPC: Tertiary Mak'Ki
Quest: Don't Get it in Your Eyes
Mak'Ki wants to study the acid sacs found on crusty rustbeasts, and is hoping you can go fetch some for him.

As with before, we are going to do all of these quests in one run. Head back towards the excavation site from the last quest. When you're going over the hills, look under the trees, and there should be clusters of tortoise eggs. Pick up six of these, and keep going. You will eventually come to the crusty rustbeasts, found not far from the excavation cave entrance. Kill some of these weird little guys for your updates. Then go south back to the Timeworn Pools. You will want to climb up the rocky formation in the middle of the pool this time, and on top, you will find the Haoaeran scavengers. They hold the relics you need for Di'Xin, so dispatch of a couple of them before continuing.

It's now time to complete the final quest. Heading south from the Timeworn Pools, over some more hills, you will come to a circle on the ground, with some spirocs around it performing a ritualistic ceremony. Trying to attack the power-infused Haoaeran in the middle is futile. The way to stop the ceremony is to slay the ritualists surrounding him. Following that, the big guy will curse at you, and fall to the ground defeated.

You can now go back to town and hand everything in. By this stage, you will be level 6 or 7, have received some new equipment, and some new quests leading you to the next hub, Trythec Loft. However, that's all for this teaser -- we'll leave the rest for you to discover. Check out the gallery for more pictures involved in the making of this guide.


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