Massively's Massive Giveaways - Lineage 2 redux

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Massively's Massive Giveaways - Lineage 2 redux
Lineage II, as mentioned before, has much to recommend it if you're fond of PvP MMO content. One of the things that we thought was pretty cool about Lineage II is the updated version of castle sieges -- and the maneuvering involved in keeping a castle -- brought in from the original Lineage game. Here's a bit more on that from the L2 site:

Numerous privileges are given to the clans who occupy the castle. They impose a tax on the shops around the castle, expand the facilities within the castle, manufacture various items, and offer the Castle Lord a Wyvern to conquer the sky. There are various systems in which the castle-owning clans operate and maintain many public facilities used by other players to make a profit. In this structure, the players and the clan who occupy the castle get win-win results through systems like the manor system. Even the clan that is strongest in force cannot maintain political power without support from other players.

For our second and final Lineage II giveaway of the day, we're offering up a copy of Lineage II, as well as 2 60 day L2 time cards. This gives both new players and experienced players alike the chance to get involved in some good old-fashioned castle warfare in the lands of L2. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment between now and 8:15 PM Eastern tomorrow (11/15) and be 18+, a U.S. resident, and eligible under the other official rules. For the chance to get some serious PvP on -- or possibly ride a wyvern -- we think a comment is a good trade!
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