Metareview: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

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Metareview: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
We've all been as restless as the walking dead waiting for the first original Resident Evil game on the Wii, wondering if the new gun game will manage to outshine the previous Gun Survivor games and provide both a faithful Resident Evil experience and an awesome light-gun game. Now that reviewers have torn into the title, we can find out if Umbrella Chronicles was the Master of Unlocking ... their hearts.

Gametrailers -- 83%: This isn't really a summation of the review, nor is it representative of the whole review, but we just wanted to post it, to point out the kinds of things video game reviewers have to think about: "While Umbrella Chronicles is fantastic overall, there are a few gripes. Annoyances like leeches and small spiders jump at the screen, forcing you to mindlessly shake the remote until you've sliced through them all. Slashing at a creature that's presumably on your face breaks the sense of immersion. Also, the vomit that some zombies spew at you can be quickly shot out of the sky, which doesn't make much sense."

1UP -- 75%: 1UP's review finds the game slower-paced and more involved than the average gun game, and loaded with Resident Evil series references: "The files, notes, and diaries you'll often attain while doing so are just one example of the copious fan service that seems to be the true driving force behind the entire experience. Whether you're playing from new perspectives in old scenarios or filling in story gaps with cut-scenes or entire levels, there's a ridiculous amount of information and background for Resident Evil nuts to absorb. The convoluted, poorly acted narrative is as dismissive to newcomers as ever, but they'll be in it for different reasons anyhow (zombies + guns = fun)."

GamePro -- 85%: GamePro's reviewer decided to tease another console's upcoming game in the review for this one, presumably just to be mean: "It combines the atmospheric charm of the ResEvil series with awesome light-gun gameplay, then throws in a wealth of bonus material to unlock and discover. It's the perfect way to prepare yourself for the upcoming Resident Evil 5."
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