PGR4 update changes Cat and Mouse mode, adds tournaments [update]

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Project Gotham Racing 4 (or as we like to call it, the meaty, primitive husk which envelops and safeguards Geometry Wars: Waves) is going into the shop for a shiny new coat tomorrow, as Bizarre Creations is releasing a free update for the title which will address the concerns of some of their valued vehicular veterans.

A major feature of the update
is the Cat and Mouse mode's change from a linear race to a free roam chase around the city of your choice. Now, each team will have only one "mouse" car, which must be at least one class lower than the other "cat" cars on its team. Teams earn points by keeping their mouse alive, by having their mouse perform style moves, and by hitting the other team's mouse.

Also scheduled for the update are four tournament modes: Daily Tournaments (Mon. through Fri.), Super Saturdays, Simulation Sundays, and the Global Cup (a grueling, 512-man event which takes two weeks to complete). Rumor has it that, for a fortnight, the winner gets to sit high upon a tower crafted from the bones of their fallen competitors, and declare supreme dominance over all of Xbox Live. Let us all hope for a merciful and benevolent ruler.

Read -- Cat and Mouse mode details
Read -- Tournament mode details

Update: Apparently, the newly renovated Cat and Mouse mode was late for the morning train, and will not be featured on todays update. However, a Bizarre Creations employee has assured us that the new mode will be "rolled out in a separate update in a few weeks."
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