Massively's Massive Giveaways - Pirates of the Burning Sea

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Massively's Massive Giveaways - Pirates of the Burning Sea
Yarr mateys! If ye be wonderin' whar be the posts today for tha' giveaways, we be here to tell ya high-fallutin' landlubbers that we be bringin' 'em to yah! (Wow. It's hard to type like that.)

That's right -- today we're celebrating the opening of the stress-test for Pirates of the Burning Sea with our own little cache of pirate booty. For those of you not in the know, PotBS (one of our personal picks for eagerly anticipated titles) has opened up the beta to a whole mess 'a folks for stress-testing purposes. All you have to do to get involved with that is to head over to Fileplanet and sign up. You know you want to play this game before everyone else!

Of course, if you're out for some pirate booty while your stress-test copy is downloading, then you'll want to drop in a comment below! For this giveaway we're offering a "Got Rum?" t-shirt, a copy of The Government Manual for New Pirates, a deck of official Piratin' cards (perfect for those on-board poker games), and a Pirate coffee mug able to hold 17 ounces of yer best grog! As always per the official rules, you must be 18+, a U.S. resident, and not a scurvy dog. So if you want to be entered, leave a comment below with your vote on the eternal struggle -- Ninjas* or Pirates -- by 4:30 PM tomorrow. (11/16)

*Note: Voting ninja will not disqualify you, but we may look at you funny.
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