Black Friday high-def player deals

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|11.16.07

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Black Friday high-def player deals
Blu-ray vs HD DVDThere are two kinds of people when it comes to Black Friday; those who love it, and those who avoid it like the plague. But, for those who'll do anything for a deal the anticipation of Black Friday can be better than Christmas itself. So if you've got high-def movies on your list, Format War Central has done the leg work and composed a list of the deals to be had. As expected, HD DVD wins again in the price category, and so far it appears that an HD-A3 will be had for $169, while at the same time the best deal on a Blu-ray player appears to be at Circuit City, where you can expect to pick up a Samsung BD-P1400 with three free movies for $377. Of course the PS3 for $319 (with coupon) from K-Mart is a better deal, but people don't buy PS3s to play movies, right?
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