DS Daily: How's it looking?

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JC Fletcher
November 19th, 2007
In this article: appearance, phat, scratches
DS Daily: How's it looking?

We're pretty obsessive about our DS care, as you would imagine. We're sure all of you are as well to some extent. But, sometimes, you forget to put it in its case, or it falls, or you lend it to someone else (nooooo!) In some cases, life just adds normal wear to your device.

How is your DS holding up cosmetically? Does it still shine like the Dickens? Do people still react to its presence with a hushed awe? Has it acquired any scratches in its lifespan, either on the outer surfaces or the screens?

Right before we got the new Lite, the outer layer of the sticker on the back of our DS Phat spontaneously came off, taking some of the print off with it. Thus the unfortunate effect seen above. In terms of case and screen scratches, it's practically brand new, but that simple cosmetic effect seems to have aged the unit so much.
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