Kindly State University - School is back in session

Moo Money
M. Money|11.19.07

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The Kindly High School students have graduated and entered college this fall. After closing down the high school, amidst pressure from anti-ageplay groups in Second Life, Redd Columbia immediately began working on the new campus, which opened last month. With a grown-up look and feel, school is officially back in session.

In order to prevent griefing, you must apply for admission to their closed-access group, which charges a 200L tuition fee to join. There are many perks to joining the group, though, such as clothing, picture frame HUDs, and posters of the school mascot, the Kodiak. You can find the official rules for admission and event notices on the Kindly State website.

Read on to find out more about KSU after the jump ...

Some of the loving touches you'll likely notice are the Greek Row, pizza place, bookstore, library, and dorms. There are even roleplay blogs run by Jellybean Madison (who made the Machinima above), Catero Revolution, TheDiva Rockin, and Sofia Gray, among others. If you are interested in the academic side, you can also check out their class schedule.
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