Rock Band rejects PS3's Guitar Hero controller

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|11.20.07

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Rock Band rejects PS3's Guitar Hero controller

Irritating instrument exclusion news now, with IGN revealing unpleasant information to those eager to start a fake band in presence of the PlayStation 3. The article notes that the PS3's Guitar Hero III controller, the Les Paul, does not currently function with Rock Band. The Red Octane peripheral is recognized as a controller and works for menu selections, but it does not register as an instrument. Well, that certainly sticks it to the man... where the man is Harmonix's touting of Rock Band as a music "platform."

Giving the developer the benefit of the doubt, one could speculate that this inconsistency will be dealt with in a downloadable patch. After all, the Xbox 360's Les Paul works just fine with the Xbox 360 variant of Rock Band -- this lack of peripheral support would only be rendered worse if it wasn't even consistent across systems. With no standalone Rock Band instruments available until 2008, the only way of completing the PS3 experience as things stand would be to purchase the $180 bundle again (as if finding one wasn't hard enough). Between your best friends and Harmonix, someone's gonna have to do you a favor.

We'll let you know when we hear more.

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